Siemens NX – Turn On, Off Continuous Auto Dimensioning

In the NX sketcher environment, “Continuous Auto Dimensioning” is turned on by default. You can turn on or off or disable this continuous auto dimensioning manually or it can be controlled through sketch preferences and customer defaults settings

NX Continuous Auto Dimensioning – Customer Defaults Settings

Go to
File > Utilities > Customer Defaults
Sketch > Inferred Constraints and Dimensions > Dimensions tab > Continuous Auto Dimensioning in Design Applications

To prevent auto dimension creation in sketches of new NX parts, uncheck option “Continuous Auto Dimensioning in Design Applications”

NX Continuous Auto Dimensioning – Sketch Preferences Settings

Go to, Menu > Preferences > Sketcher

Sketch Settings tab > Continuous Auto Dimensioning

Uncheck option ‘Continuous Auto Dimensioning’ so that auto dimensions will not be created for new sketches in active NX part.Siemens NX CAD – Sketching Tips – Sketch Preferences settings – Continuous Auto Dimensioning

Turn On or Off Continuous Auto Dimensioning within Sketcher or Sketch in task environment

Irrespective of the sketch preferences settings and/or customer default settings, you can control the continuous auto dimension creation manually by turning on or off this option as shown within sketcher or sketch in task environment.

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