Change Group and Role from NX

A person may have multiple group or role assigned to the various tasks to be performed for Teamcenter NX integrated environment.

You can change the group/role within Teamcenter. You can also change group/role without closing the current managed NX session.

For example, if a person has both engineer and a designer role which belongs to the ‘Engineering’ group. Considering that only an engineer is allowed to create items with 3D models and designer is allowed to create drawings, then for current running managed NX session, you can change roles without closing the NX session.

Group/role settings and their accesses to the data will depend upon the customization of Teamcenter-NX and the business process definition.

Follow the steps to change group and the role of the managed NX session:

  1. Start managed NX session from Teamcenter.
  2. File > Preferences > Teamcenter Integration.
  3. In ‘Teamcenter Integration Preferences’ dialog, select the ‘Database’ tab.
  4. Select the required group and/or role from ‘Session Group’ and ‘Session Role’ drop-down.
  5. Click on OK button of ‘Teamcenter Integration Preferences’ dialog.

Initial setting in Teamcenter
Group: Engineering
Role: Engineer

Select the required group/role from the dialog within NX (File > Preferences > Teamcenter Integration).In this example, role is changed from ‘Engineer’ to ‘Designer’.Note the change in role is also getting updated in Teamcenter session.

Teamcenter Role - Initial
Teamcenter Role - Initial

Group: Engineering
Role: Designer

Teamcenter Role - Changed
Teamcenter Role - Changed
Teamcenter Role - Changed


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