Application Selection

In NX for an active part in the current session, you can select or start an application by three ways.

1. Using keyboard shortcuts/keys
2. From an active ‘Application’ tab
3. From File option

Using keyboard shortcuts/keys

There are some default keyboard shortcuts/keys are assigned to start some specific applications. For example:

Modeling – Ctrl+M
Drafting – Ctrl + Shift +D
Sheet Metal – Ctrl + Shift +M
Manufacturing – Ctrl+Alt+M

From an active ‘Application’ tab

First select the application tab from the ribbon bar interface, then select the desired application from the available options.

NX Application Selection- Application tab
NX Application Selection- Application tab

From File option

From NX interface, Click File. By default, you will see some NX application name followed by their OOTB keyboard shortcuts.

You can always refer to the NX window title bar to determine active application. In the following example, the active application is ‘Modeling’ which is displayed in the title bar and highlighted in yellow colour.

Also, navigating on ‘All Applications’ option will display the available list of applications as shown in the image. You can select the required application to start.

NX Application selection - File menu
NX Application selection – File menu
NX Application selection - File menu


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